Juha Söderqvist
Juha possesses a unique mix of experience and skills, especially in management of IT organizations, process development and incident management.
Juha has successfully handled many difficult situations, which has required strong decision-making, effective leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
He has excellent documentation, statistical and analytical skills. Juha has a passion for process development, project management, change management as well as quality management.
Juha is open-minded, optimistic, positive and goal-oriented. He understands the importance of being focused on meeting organizational and corporate objectives.
Prior to founding JUHAX, Juha was employed by ATEA as a IT Management Consultant. Prior to this, he served as an Incident Manager for NASDAQ OMX.
In his role as an Incident Manager he successfully improved the alignment of business and IT for NASDAQ OMX as the world’s largest provider of technology for the bank and exchange industry.
Earlier in his career, Juha worked for Scandinavian Airlines and SMART AB (Amadeus Scandinavia) where he held a number of positions.
Prior to this, Juha was CIO of Damamaskus Maskinskydd AB a company that manufactures Industrial safety equipment for industrial production.
Juha began his career as an IT consultant at ERBE DATA in 1994. Juha possesses over 15 years of experience from the IT sector.

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